Dear Parents

 As you know our schools will be closing for the Christmas period on the 18th December 2020.  During the Pandemic you have been asked to contact the schools directly should your child test positive for COVID 19.

 During the holiday period we understand that this will not be possible, however we do still need to know about any positive cases.  Could we please ask that should your child test positive after 18th December 2020 and before 4th January 2021 that you contact the Wrexham Public Protection Team directly.  They will need to know the pupils name, date of birth, school attended and year group.

 The email address Food& and telephone number is 01978 297120


The staff’s take on the classic 12 days of Christmas

10.12.2020 Important information for all parents.

Please find a letter with information regarding learning arrangements for the week beginning the 14th December 2020.

End of term letter

Important information for Year 10 and 11 regarding partial school closure.

Please see the attached links for letters with important information for all parents of pupils in Year 10 and 11.

20.12.06 COVID letter to Year 11

20.12.06 COVID letter to Year 10

Here is also a letter with information for Years 7 8 and 9

20.12.06 COVID letter to Yrs 7 8 9

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